International Freight Forwarding

International Shipping and Freight Forwarding Services

International Freight Forwarding

For global supply chains, access to transportation capacity is an obvious requirement when selecting a freight forwarding company. However, if you want more from freight forwarding, MIQ Logistics provides the shipment visibility and control that adds flexibility and efficiencies.

In addition to access to reliable transportation capacity, MIQ Logistics International Freight Forwarding services provide regional expertise to assist you with the complexities of country-by-country export and import requirements. We coordinate all aspects of the process on your behalf, including compliance with rules and regulations and country-specific documentation.

Our state-of-the-art technologies deliver the timely information you need to manage the flow of materials. Your supply chain can react quickly to market demands while experiencing improved lead times.

As an award-winning supply chain management company, our premium freight forwarding services can stand-alone or be integrated with inland logistics services and transportation. This gives you the convenience and centralized responsibility for a door-to-door solution from one logistics service provider.

As an international freight forwarder, we provide:

International Freight Forwarding

Global Forwarding: Delivers cost effective multi-lane and multi-modal international transportation management.

  • Global air and ocean services to all major international trade lanes
  • Charter services with experienced freight forwarder staff and service to all regions
  • Capacity when and where you need it

Order Management: Streamlines processes, enhances planning, manages documentation, and generates higher efficiencies in the flow of materials and information between international origins and destinations. Enabled by our global technologies, PowerVIEW PO provides comprehensive functionality for greater supply chain flexibility and is adjustable to meet your unique needs.

Supply Chain Visibility: Delivers pre-shipment order control, real-time event management, document imaging, and supply chain analytics.

Reporting & Information Management: Increases information access, visibility and compliance through multiple reporting options and information updates.

Contact us at one of the numbers below to learn more about our expertise as an International Freight Forwarder or click here to request a quote for your global shipment.

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   • North America 1 877 232 1845
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International freight forwarding

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